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Brenneke Bronze 28 Ga
Brenneke Bronze 28 Ga
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12GA_Traditional Cartone n9,5 32 g
12GA_Traditional Cartone n9,5 32 g

This loading is an Alex's idea. It was tested with great instruments.

This cartridge is loaded with 32 grams of shot (italian size n 9,5).

This loading is a classic loading with paper case, felt wad and round clousure, it has great performance as You can see in velocity and pressure data but it does not go over the security range.

It can be used for little hunting but if You change the size of shot lead it can be used for pheasants, rabits or others.

Gauge 12
Mark Cheddite
Model T1 Paper
Closing Adapted for round closure and crimp clousure
Base height 8 mm
Total height 70 mm
Type Paper case with plane base wad.
Primer CX2000 (Hight Power)
Details This case is shived but no problem for round clousure
Model CX 2000
Mark Cheddite
Varnish Black
Chamber Copper
Power Hight power
Use It is valid for all the kind of lead basis weight.
Note The explosive mixture used does not contain corrosive compounds.
Model S4N (Anno 2007)
Mark Nobel Sport
Color Dark gray
Type Double Base
Dimension nominal dimension: 1,00x1,00x0,12 mm
Density medium gravimetric density: 620 g/l
Dosaggio 1,55 grammi
Note It is a great powder for every weather.

In this loading we have used Siarm traditional wads in real felt with couvette for paper case. As You can see we have used a diskof cork (3mm) between 2 felt wads of 11 mm (11mm + 11mm = total 22 mm).

Number 9,5
Diameter 2,00 mm
Unit weight 0,0467 grammi
Type Chilled shot. (*)
Use In cartridges for hunting and sporting
Details (*) Chilled shot. has a good ballistic efficiency because it reduces the deformations.
Dosing 32 grams

It was made a round clousure.


The clousure was finished with a spool of brass.

As You can see it is very good

Its finished height is 64,3mm.

P Max 647 bar
V/1 404 m/s
TC 3352

For more information, please visit this contents webpage.
This content was added to our website on Monday 21 September, 2009.
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